Department of Mechanical Engineering

ME 242 Engineering Dynamics

  FALL Semester 2016

MW 8:30AM - 9:45AM

Room: SEB 1240

Instructor: Prof. G. F. Mauer

Textbook: Please make sure to purchase the Package, consisting of the textbook (Hibbeler Dynamics 14th edition, Pearson Publ.   ) PLUS a software license for Mastering Engineering. You will submit all homework on Mastering. Click here for full textbook  information.


Date Posted:  November 29, 2016

  Mastering Software: You will be required to submit all homework using Mastering Engineering (http://www.masteringengineering.com/). A license is required and can be purchased from the publisher. Logon to Mastering: The Course Name is  ME242 Dynamics Fall2016    The Course ID is:     MEMAUER32238 

Pearson has published an Introduction to Mastering, please see here.

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  I-clickers: Every Student is required to bring an I-Clicker to class. Use either version 1 or 2 of the I-Clicker. You can use your own (buy at the bookstore) or obtain one as a loan from the MEG department. You must return your loan clicker before the final exam to the MEG Department. Students who do not return loan clickers will receive  a grade of 'Incomplete' . You have two options to register your clicker:     

                   1. in Class

                                      2. On the I-Clicker web site: please visit:                                      http://www.iclicker.com/registration/    

Please enter your first and last name, and your Student ID (10-digit NSHE ID-number) exactly as they appear on the UNLV registrar's record. The registration will become active after you have used your clicker in class for the first time.

FINAL EXAM:  Wed.  December 14 8a.m.--‐10a.m.    The final exam will be comprehensive and cover the entire course.

Midterm exam 1: The average grade is 57/100 . Here are the exam keys Key_A and Key_B. A password is required to access the file. The PW will be announced in class on Monday.

Midterm exam 2: The average grade is 55/100 . Here are the exam keys A and Key_B. A password is required to access the file.

Midterm exam 3: The average grade is 53/100 . Here are the exam key A and Key_B. A password is required to access the file.

Midterm Grades (exams 1 and 2): An anonymized estimate of your progress toward completion of ME 242 is presented in this midterm grade report. A password is required for access.

 Academic Honesty:  Misconduct cases  will be referred to the UNLV Offices of the Vice President for Student Life and Student Conduct, see http://studentlife.unlv.edu/judicial/misconductPolicy.html.





























 ME 242 Syllabus (click on image at right): Schedule, Policies, Homework. The syllabus will be updated as needed during the semester.

 Class notes: Notes from recent lectures will be posted here, usually weekly. Click image at right.

 Course Objectives: What you will learn.






Exams and Study Guides

Rigid Body Dynamics: Acceleration
Step-by-step discussion in ppt (Powerpoint) format (500 KB)

Sample exams:

SPRING 2001 Exams (in PDF Format)
MEG 207 Dynamics First Midterm Exam

MEG 207 Dynamics Second Midterm Exam

MEG 207 Dynamics Midterm III Exam in PDF format. file name: 207t3-00.pdf

MEG 207 Dynamics Final Exam in PDF format. file name: 207fin00.pdf

MEG 207 Dynamics Rotating Gears Example, Chapter 14