Department of Mechanical Engineering

ME 242 Engineering Dynamics

  SPRING Semester 2016

TuTh 8:30AM - 9:45AM

Room: TBE-B 172

Instructor: Prof. G. F. Mauer

Textbook: Please make sure to purchase the Package, consisting of the textbook (Hibbeler Dynamics 14th edition, Pearson Publ.) PLUS a software license for Mastering Engineering. You will submit all homework on Mastering. Click here for full textbook  information.


Date Posted:  February 18, 2016

  Mastering Software: You will be required to submit all homework using Mastering Engineering (http://www.masteringengineering.com/). A license is required and can be purchased from the publisher. Logon to Mastering: The Course Name is  ME242 Dynamics Spring2016    The Course ID is:     MEMAUER00505 

Pearson has published an Introduction to Mastering, please see here.

For a recommended strategy to success please visit:


  I-clickers: Every Student is required to bring an I-Clicker to class. Use either version 1 or 2 of the I-Clicker. You can use your own (buy at the bookstore) or obtain one as a loan from the MEG department. You must return your loan clicker before the final exam to the MEG Department. Students who do not return loan clickers will receive  a grade of 'Incomplete' . You have two options to register your clicker:     

                   1. in Class

                                      2. On the I-Clicker web site: please visit:                                      http://www.iclicker.com/registration/    

Please enter your first and last name, and your Student ID (10-digit NSHE ID-number) exactly as they appear on the UNLV registrar's record. The registration will become active after you have used your clicker in class for the first time.

FINAL EXAM:  Thurs. 12  May 8a.m.--‐10a.m.    The final exam will be comprehensive and cover the entire course.

Midterm exam 1: The average grade is 70/100. Here is the exam1 key. A password is required to access the file. The PW was announced in class.

Midterm exam 2: The average grade is 52/100. Here is the exam2 key. A password is required to access the file. The PW was announced in class.

Midterm exam 3: The average grade is 64/100. Here is the exam3 key. A password is required to access the file. The PW was announced in class.

Midterm Grades: An anonymized estimate of your progress toward completion of ME 242 is presented in this midterm grade report. A password is required for access.

 Academic Honesty:  Misconduct cases  will be referred to the UNLV Offices of the Vice President for Student Life and Student Conduct, see http://studentlife.unlv.edu/judicial/misconductPolicy.html.





























 ME 242 Syllabus (click on image at right): Schedule, Policies, Homework. The syllabus will be updated as needed during the semester.

 Class notes: Notes from recent lectures will be posted here, usually weekly. Click image at right.

 Course Objectives: What you will learn.





The list below contains sample solutions in Mathcad. Mathcad is a programming tool that facilitates the solution of complex mathematical problems. You can obtain a free copy of Mathcad (for PC's only) from the Mechanical Engineering department office in TBE-A 211.

To download  the posted Mathcad Files, Right-Click on the hyperlink and download to your computer, then  open the file in Mathcad.

Chapter 16 hibbelerProblem16-102.pdf
Five Mathcad examples Chapter 16 Kinematics HIB16_Fourbar-linkage.xmcd





Mathcad examples Chapter 17 Inertial Dynamics Mathcad examples for Inertial Dynamics. These might be useful for assignment 20.  Version 13 format


Inertial_rolling wheel-dyn.xmcd








Exams and Study Guides

Rigid Body Dynamics: Acceleration
Step-by-step discussion in ppt (Powerpoint) format (500 KB)

Sample exams:

SPRING 2001 Exams (in PDF Format)
MEG 207 Dynamics First Midterm Exam

MEG 207 Dynamics Second Midterm Exam

MEG 207 Dynamics Midterm III Exam in PDF format. file name: 207t3-00.pdf

MEG 207 Dynamics Final Exam in PDF format. file name: 207fin00.pdf

MEG 207 Dynamics Rotating Gears Example, Chapter 14



Getting Started with Mathcad


If you are new to Mathcad, please take the time and work through the tutorials that come with the software. You find the tutorial and excellent examples in the Resource Center.

Click on Help and Resource Center. A separate window opens. Select Overview and Tutorials.

The Quicksheets present both answers and worked examples to typical problems, such as equation solving, vectors, and calculus. You can paste these examples into your Mathcad worksheet and edit them.