Animation of Crank-Slider Mechanism Using SolidWorks


Objective: Construct a crank slider mechanism with the following specifications:

Crank: 0.5

Connecting Rod: 3

Create Crank Support


Create Crank


Create Connecting Rod


Create Piston (Half the Piston and Cylinder are shown for clarity)


Create Cylinder


Assemble Mechanism

Fix Cylinder

Fix Support


Match Piston and Cylinder faces

Match crank and support faces

Match holes on crank and support


Match Crank and Connecting Rod faces

Match holes on Crank and Connecting Rod

Match piston pin and Connecting Rod hole

Center Connecting Rod within piston




Click Tools, Add-Ins.

Select SolidWorks Motion, and click OK.

Select Simulation Tool

Pick Rotary Motor

Click on the front face of the crank

Select Numeric

Type 1 deg/s


Select Simulation Tool

Pick rotary motor

Click on the front face of the crank

Select Numeric

Type 6 RPM

Adjust simulation time to 30 seconds

Click Calculate



You can run the simulation again by clicking Play from Start


To output as AVI file, select Save Animation

The file will be extremely large!




Click here to view animation

Click on Gravity Icon

Choose Y

Click OK

Click Contact Icon

Selct Piston and Cylinder

Use Steel (Greasy) for Materials of both

Click OK

Click Force Icon

Add 10 lb Force to the piston to as shown

Click OK

Click Results

Choose Motor Torque

Choose Z Component

Choose Rotary Motor


Switch the Force Direction

Click Calculate to recalculate the Motion Study

Right Click Results

Choose Show All Plots